King fernado VI of monquista
King Fernando, the sixth of that name, King of Monquista and Skull Island, Overlord of Marleybone and Aquila 
is a character and a villain in the story of Pirate101. At five years, Fernando's reign has been one of the longest in Monquistan history. The King's cunning and political savvy at manipulating the dozens of noble families is unmatched. He is considerd a tyrant because of his power over Monquistans and many of the decisions he makes as Monarch of Monquista.

The player first encounters the king of Monquista when attempting to turn in Gortez. At first, the king delcares Him\Her a hero, and gives the player access to Zenda; However, the king tricks the player, and the player encounters a suprise at Zenda. The warden of Zenda attacks the player when reading the note that declares the player a traitor, a threat to Monquista, and to execute both Gortez and the player.

During the rescue of Napoleguin, One-eyed-Jack informs the player to be careful, and the King wants Him/Her dead for causing the civil war to occur, and because of the Monkey's Paw.

During the events of Marleybone, Gortez wins the Monquistian civil war, and the king is possibly thrown in a duengon, or killed, and Gortez takes over as Monarch of Monquista.

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