King Casimir is one of the many kings of Valencia. Currently, he is the one responsible for giving the Armada full power to do as they please with the Valencian navy , an act which may earn him the title of "most foolish king in history".

King Casimir has held power in Valencia even before the events of pirate101. His decision to give full power to the Armada over trade, and giving kane kane almost all of the abilities that he had was an extremely foolish mistake; however, many Valencian nobles see the Armada as a harmless force that protects Valencia from harm. Obviously, this is far from the truth. The Armada has done nothing but bribe corrupt criminal gangs into working with them, and have transformed Valencia into a living nightmare for most of the individuals who were not of noble status. Unbeknownst to his majesty, and his queen.

Casimir first appears in the city of Florenza, the capital city of Valencia. The player goes into the throne room and briefly looks at the king for a few seconds as it was being announced that a diplomat from Monquista had arrived, before the player companions realise that Kane is also in the throne room. Upon Kane seeing the player, he immediately informs the king of who he is, and orders Valencian Royal Guards, and battle angels, to attack them. The Monquistan ambassador warns the king of diplomatic immunity. The King refuses to let kane attack the player himself, and Kane gives the player a warning.

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