Iron Monkey or Brother Matteo is a Renegade Monk located in the Vortex of Torment.

161px-(NPC) Iron Monkey

Backstory Edit

A Monk who went to MooShu to convert, but was converted himself.

Known as a legend, Brother Matteo was blessed by the Holy Tree and journeyed all the way to MooShu. He spreaded the faith and made converts. When he came back, he was a changed monkey, Brother Matteo had became a Moodhist Monk durining his time in Mooshu.


Quest Appearances Edit

The Iron Monkey (Musketeer)

The Iron Monkey (Privateer)

The Iron Monkey (Witchdoctor)

Sword of St. Simian

Abilities and Talents Edit



Dance of Steel


Riposte (Rank 2)

Blade Storm

Vengeance Strike

Drops Edit

Hats: Edit

Hospitaller's Helm

Outfits: Edit

Arms of the Reaver Sky Robber's Kit

Boots: Edit

Lance Corporal's Greaves

Charms: Edit

Captain's Medal

Serene Amulet

Weapons: Edit

Housing: Edit

Gallery Edit

Iron monkey

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