1. Defeat Cutthroats and Collect Temple Key in Temple of Gloom.
  2. Defeat Troggies in Flooded Shrine.
  3. Talk to Sergeant Shepherd in Temple of Gloom.

Quest DialogueEdit

Ensign Livsey: "Want Fin, do you? He's up the trail, but he's not alone. There's a whole gang of Sharks up here - Cutthroats, by the look of 'em. They set up a camp across the bridge. They're up to something. Shepherd and I found 'em, but the Sharks attacked and we got seperated. I didn't see Fin, but he must be near. You attack the Cutthroats to draw 'em away. I'll sneak into their camp and see what I can find out. When I'm done, I'll hide in the mouth of the Skull Cave. We'll meet again there. (After quest objestive #1) "Well done, Pirate! During your diversion, I found this note. Listen to this:"

(Fin Dorsal): "Our buyer won't be here for a while. I'll be in the temple. When the buyer comes, bring him to me. The temple entrance is in the Skull Cave."

NOTE: Depending on which class you choose, your Starter Companion will say either:

  • Subodai (Swashbuckler): "Fin is in the Skull Cave. We will follow."
  • Wing Chun (Musketeer):
  • Kobe Yojimbo (Buccaneer)
  • Egg Shen (Privateer):
  • Kan Po (Witchdoctor):

(After completing objective #2) NOTE(1): Your starter companion will say:

Subodai: "The statues have done their job and now it's time to do ours. To battle!"

Wing Chun:

Kobe Yojimbo:

Egg Shen:

Kan Po:

Fin Dorsal (In Throne Room battle): "You made three mistakes, Pirate. First, you took the job. Second, you didn't bring an army. Last? Don't fight me in the dark. The dark is where I shine.

Sergeant Shepherd: "

Fin Dorsal (After Throne Room Battle): "I want you to remember this moment, Pirate. This is the moment you won your first victory. And the moment you made your worst enemy."

Sergeant Shepherd: "Ah, shut yer jaws, you bully! Well done, Pirate - you're a good one to have around in a fight. I'll report back to Lieutenant Smollet - you take the amulet back to Avery'. I hope we meet again soon."

Captain Avery: You're done it! The Troggy Bombardment has stopped, you're recovered my amulet, and FIn has been brought to justice'. Well done. You didn't even try to swap my Amulet for a fake - what are you, an honest pirate? Ha!"

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