The Imperial Powers are the four nations of the Spiral that once controlled everything (within reason) before the Polarian War.


  1. Valencia- the creator of the Armada, Valencia is a wonderous place of amazing architecture, brilliant scholars and a powerful navy. However, what nobody seems to know is that the Armada has since taken over Valencia, imprisoning the people that it once protected. The once clear view of Valencia has given way to an endless torrent of dark clouds and endless misery.
  2. Marleybone- home to sophisticated machinery, a powerful navy and some of the finest spies ever born, Marleybone is a widely respected nation in the Spiral. The recent war started with Valencia has turned this usually peaceful nation into a cocktail of destruction and violence. Realizing the importance of establishing new ports, Marleybone has created colonies in Skull Island to earn some money and to keep an eye on their simian foes.
  3. Monquista- a land of diminuitive people and political confusion aplenty, Monquista is a barren wasteland where only the crafty and treacherous survive. Though many find the Monquistans completely ridiculous, Monquista isn't a nation that should be taken lightly, as their quick tempers and vast numbers can translate into some decidedly unexpected outcomes to certain conflicts. Knowing their resources are near gone, Monquista has begun digging into Skull Island (and other new worlds) to establish a source of power, wealth and influence.
  4. Polaris- the traitor of the Imperial Powers, Polaris was sent into a tailspin of terror and war when Napoleguin took over. Since then, the empire that Polaris once had has crumbled; though there is little information on Polaris' current standing, it is possible that some new information could come up at any time.

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