250px-(Companion) Hawkules (Mighty Hero)


You first find Hawkules in a dungeon, where he lost his belt, a gift from Zeus. Then you enter "a dungeon." In the "dungeon", the player finds Hawkules hanging out there. He claims that Collossi stole his belt. Then the player has to defeat 8 collossi. After that, Hawkules starts helping you around the place. Later, Hawkules finds his friend, Hylas. He screams at Hawkules and says he was the worst hero he's ever worked for because Hawkules "accidentally" killed him. After that he tells you that he knows where the Collossi took it. The player defeats at the Collossi, and heads into a structure where you battle a boss. The player does a few more quests, including fighting the dreadful hydra, and the player returns to Argos. They go into they labyrinth. The first labyrinth battle is skeletons, not too hard. The next three have one minotaur each. The last has all 3 at a time. Last, you must seal the labyrinth with hydra chains. The player seals them and unlocks Hawkules as a companion.

Talents and EpicsEdit

Rough, Tough, Armored, Strong, Dodgy, Accurate.

Relentless, Vengeance Strike, Blade Storm

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