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 Haunted skyway is a skyway traveled to later in the game. It is the most dangerous skyway in Cool Ranch; despite this, it is not the dangerous skyway in the Spiral, which is Avernus Skyway. However the two skyways have very similar dangers for many reasons, with one of them being filled with spirits and the undead, and another reason is ships are very likely to be destroyed here. The Areas in Haunted skyway are even similar to Dragonspyre in many ways, with none remaining but ghosts and spirits, and the undead, or mostly those struggling for survival. It is entirely unknown why Haunted Skyway is at it's current state, or what it was called before being known as "Haunted" Skyway. Some would say that it is a place that is also similar to Darkmoor itself.


Haunted Skyway is a skyway that was once inhabited by people from a distant area in the Spiral; however, the people soon abandon the towns in haunted skyway, and they became known as ghost towns for this reason. Some of the inhabitants stayed; however, some of them have been killed by the undead spirits that once lived, ghosts and the undead can be seen at these abandoned and desolate towns that were once inhabited. Few Individuals still live in mortal form by the events of Pirate101, with Fort McMutry the only sizable town left, and with the inhabitants in a constant in a struggle for survival.

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