Hamamitsu Skyway is the first skyway that you ever travel in Mooshu and the second skyway to be over land and water (the first being Arroyo Grande Skyway in Cool Ranch). Hamamitsu Skyway is the only skyway that is legally open to beings who are outsiders (in other words, Hamamitsu is the only skyway that allows people who weren't born in Mooshu to live/do business).

Connects to...Edit

Places of interestEdit

Creatures, NPCs, and enemiesEdit

Ships come in at least 6 origins obtainable with gold: Skull Island, Monquistian, Royal Navy, Samoorai, Bison, and Eagle. Other ship origins can only be obtained via crowns or with real currency.NPCs are non-playable characters that gives quests, are shopkeepers, and are enemies.Enemies are creatures and people you face in PvE (Player vs Enemy).





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