Gold mine

The Gold Mine is a long lost relic, created by the colonial Monquistian forces. Many Monquistian miners are stuck in this abandoned location, forced to fight off Gortez and his crazed followers. 


At first, this area was shrouded in wilderness. When Monquista colonized Tradewinds Skyway , they found a natural surplus of gold ore here. Little did they know that further into the isle were natural dangers, such as hostile Troggy groups and poisonous plants. 

Gortez , the Monquistian leader of the group, became known as a hero by helping the miners surivive. Eventually, Gortez went insane, and created a miniature kingdom where he ruled his devoted followers. 

Armada and GortezEdit

Soon, the Armada became intrigued in the Gold Mine's strange labyrinthes. They sought out El Dorado map pieces, but failed to find any. They came into conflict with Gortez's kingdom, causing Gortez to lose much control over the Ancient Ruins

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