Fort Elena is a massive prison set in Skull Island. Catbeard states its "an absolute beast of a prison" because of its impressive fortifications, thick gates, arsenal of artillery, and a massive supply of Redcoats.


Fort Elena was set up in Skull Island by Marleybone to serve as a method of reining in the piracy problem in the area. The fort has been home to some of the most notorious criminals in the Spiral, among them Napoleguin, his valet, and some of Napoleguin's Honor Guard. Before the events of Pirate101, Fort Elena was believed to be the perfect prison, as many reasoned it was inescapable.

By the events of Pirate101, however, that belief crumbled. The first mention of Fort Elena is after the player attacks, defeats and imprisons the Brass Monkey, as Port Regal's governor has him sent there.

The war between two old allies began with a massive assault on Fort Elena, causing massive casualties amongst the Redcoats and causing an Armada leader, which was later revealed to be Phule, to escape. In the ensuing chaos, the player and their crew attacked and, with the help of a traitorous Redcoat named Lieutenant Benedict, they liberated Napoleguin, Nicholas and his honor guard. Sometime afterwards, the Brass Monkey managed to escape. The player was later informed of this when they returned Mabel to her father.


  • Corporal Klegg (presumable warden; deceased)
  • Lieutenant Benedict
  • Countless unnamed Redcoats  


  • Fort Elena is based on the real island Saint Helena where Napoleon Bonaparte's death occurred.

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