(Map) Flotsam Skyway
Flotsam Skyway is the second Skyway accessed in the Main Storyline. it is named for the famous city of Flotsam, which is entirely made out of ships! It contains even more bizarre wonders such as a ruined lighthouse, ghost ships, and even a tribe known as the Waponi who worship a volcano! It is evidently the most bizarre Skyway in all of Skull Island, and has the highest presence of Piracy besides Skull Island Skyway, which is the headquarters of Captain Avery's pirate haven.


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  • This the only way to get to Cool Ranch later in the storyline. Oddly, Flotsam is currently not engaged in any trade with Cool Ranch at all, or has much connection to it even when a Stormgate to it is Right in the Skyway. However, a few vendors and Residents from Cool Ranch do reside in Flotsam, which is the only real connection between the two worlds besides the presence of the infamous Captain Fowl. Despite the fact that Cool Ranch could easily claim their own share of Skull Island in the Mostly uninhabited areas of Flotsam Skyway, they have yet to do so. Most likely because they already have their own problems, or they might not see any point in doing so.
  • Flotsam Skyway is the only Skyway in Skull Island without a current of former presence of the Imperial Powers of the Spiral.
  • Flotsam Is also one of the only three Skull Island Skyways with Stormgates. With Port Regal Skyway having the most stormgates at present.
  • Another mysterious fact is that the stormgate in Flotsam Skyway is literally the only known stormgate in the spiral that leads to Cool Ranch. There is also only one stormgate in Cool Ranch (there might be an undiscovered skyway leading to the black east, or they could also even be in the same world.), which explains why they are so isolated from the rest of the spiral in the first place, despite their advances with the steam engine being able to rival even Marleybone!

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