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(Location) Florenza
(Map) Florenza

Florenza is one of the most important cities of Valencia, in fact, it is the current capital after Valencia City was turned into a "Clockwork Mockery" by the Armada. It is a prosperous and rich city full of many iconic marks of the Valencian Renaissance. It also houses many of the most important people in all of Valencia, such as King Casimir himself. Florenza can be found in Calabria Skyway.

The Player firsts visits the city after the events of Aquila end. Gortez sends him and his crew with whom Gortez claims to be one of Monquista's greatest diplomats, Don Armando. The reason for this is because the player needs to sneak into Valencia to locate Gazpaccio, otherwise known as "G", or "The Toy Maker". But going in like a spy would risk the player and his crew getting caught.

Locations Edit

  • Artisan's Craft Hall
  • Crab Tunnels
  • Diplomatic Residence
  • Duomo
  • Halls of Justice
  • Manicotti Atrium
  • Mezzaluna Tavern
  • Palazzo Atria
  • Ulpian Library
  • Villa Vandalo


Trivia Edit

Florenza is obviously based off of the cities of Florence, Pisa, and even Rome. It even contains famous landmarks based off of the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, the Leaning tower of Pisa, the Santa Maria del Fiore, and much more.

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