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El Dorado Street

The golden streets of El Dorado.


"Terrible mechanical sentinels remained - great giants made of solid gold! The things caught us by surprise, and decimated the crew in an instant!" -Gazpaccio

El Dorado is a world that contains an island of solid gold. 

Captain Avery mentions that "you can't just sail to it", as it doesn't always appear in the same place and the Stormgate to there doesn't stay open very long. Anyone who tried to sail there would most likely not return. Marco Pollo, however, somehow found out a way to make a map to it and discovered it. Marco Pollo and his crew visited the lost city once, only to be attacked by golden sentinels and have more than half of his crew decimated. Only a handful of survivors escaped. Gazpaccio mentions that he was the one who took the picture of Marco Pollo and the remnants of his crew.

Once Marco Pollo returned to Valencia, he destroyed the map, and hid the shredded pieces throughout the Spiral. By the time of the events of Pirate101, the player must find all of the pieces of Marco Pollo's map and go to El Dorado. Unfortunately, the Armada holds some of the pieces of the map, so you will have to get the pieces from them first.

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