Dragonspyre as seen here as one of the worlds that are accessible by going through the stormgate to Dragonspyre through Monquista..

Dragonspyre is a world in the Spiral and a location visited briefly in Pirate101. Once a land where man and dragon worked together in harmony, the unleashing of the Dragon Titan caused a massive catastrophe that wiped out all life in the world. To say that Dragonspyre is a ghost world would be truer than first expected- the only things that live there now are either monsters or the ghosts of those who once lived there.


For a complete history on Dragonspyre, please visit any wikia pertaining to Wizard101.

Dragonspyre has a relatively small role in Pirate101. Its sole Skyway, Avernus Skyway, is one of the paths that can be used to reach Valencia, which the player must do to continue the trek to find the Map to El Dorado. The journey may seem easy, as no ships are found in the area; however, the land is plagued by an army of Undead Dragons, so caution is greatly recommended for any captain brave (or foolish) enough to enter the skyway.

Apart from that, the only real use that Dragonspyre has (apart from the access to Valencia) is that it must be visited to complete Old Scratch's second promotion quest. The local Doom Shards are absolutely necessary to create a portal to the Spirit World, where the player and Old Scratch can defeat Dark Crawler.


  • There is an unnamed stormgate in Avernus Skyway ,and they are theories that it could lead to either Darkmoor, Polaris, Wizard City, Wysteria, or El Dorado. However, it is not likely to be El Dorado, since it is impossible to go there by any normal means, and the Stormgate never appears in the same place.
  • The local undead drakes pose as a alternative gold source if you choose to not farm Friar Sand.

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