Crowns are one of the currencies used in Pirate101. The others being Gold and Scrips. Crowns can be obtained by buying them online with real currency, redeeming coupons and gift cards, receiving them in special events or by earning them. Crowns can be earned either in the game, though the "Earn Crowns" feature, by participating in the official competitions or by completing short quizzes called 'trivia' on the FreeKIGames website.

Transactions using crownsEdit

Crowns can be used to buy items from the Crown Shop, unlock premium zones and purchase items from some vendors around the Spiral.  

Interchanging currency Edit

In the game, crowns can be 'changed' to gold by buying gold, using crowns, from the crown shop, but the opposite of this cannot be done (that is, gold cannot be used to buy crowns).

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