Clockworks are a fairly new invention to the Spiral- simply put, they are artificial beings (constructs, as it were) made to accomplish labor.

Valencian ClockworksEdit

The first known creators of clockworks was Valencia.

As is already common knowledge, the Valencians constructed the Armada- an army of clockwork soldiers -to bring a swift end to the Polarian War. The Armada proved to be a massive success! Recently, they have been hard at work reining in the piracy problem that is plauging the Spiral.

Unbeknownst to many people, the Armada is not being commanded by the Valencians- in truth, it is the other way around! Kane, the first of the clockworks and the leader of the Armada, has long been self-aware and has turned Valencia into nothing more than a police state. Ruling from his fortress, Cadiz, Kane ruthlessly rules over Valencia, intending to take over the entire Spiral!

Marleybone ClockworksEdit

Being technological masters, it is only reasonable that Marleybone has created clockworks by this time.

Though their constructs aren't as sophisticated as Valencian clockworks, the Marleybonians take pride in their work. Clockwork golems have long existed in Marleybone and, though many of them have found their way into the command of unsavory types, there are plenty that serve the Crown. Given the recent war that has erupted through the Spiral, most Marleybone clockworks are designed with one purpose in mind- warfare!

Unlike the Armada, Marleybone's clockworks have not become self-aware, nor have they attempted to stage any form of revolt against their makers.

Cool Ranch ClockworksEdit

Like Marleybone, Cool Ranch has been creating clockwork devices for some time now.

As Cool Ranch is far away from the majority of the Spiral's great powers (and, thus, out of the grip of the Armada), their constructs are only built for labor purposes (i.e. mining, building, etc.).

Aquilan ClockworksEdit

Though Aquila has long since fallen behind the Spiral in terms of technological development, they still have the potential to craft clockworks (though they will be far behind anything else that currently exists in the Spiral and far less in number).

Their equivalent of "clockworks" are Colossi- golems forged of stone that have long since gained sentience and have revolted against their makers.

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