Captain Robin is a captain who became famous after discovering a vast amount of treasure belonging to a long deceased pirate. She is one of the humans to be on the Gratitude Statue.

Pirate101 Gratitude Statue

Captain Robin on the Gratitude Statue, along with her first mate, Young John.


Captain Robin, along with her first mate, Young John, became famous after discovering a vast amount of treasure. Robin had given the gold as a gift to an orphanage in Darkmoor. The Gratitude Statue was then carved by the orphans in thanks for the gift.

But due to her discovering and spending the treasure, the curse of the Phantom of the pirate who first buried the treasure, the village was cursed and withered away. However, the statue had still remained and made its way to Skull Island.

In a quest to appease the spirit (and save Skull Island from a similar fate), the player must journey all along Skull Island and collect five Silver Coins, to be deposited in the empty treasure chest that appeared with the statue.

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