(Map) Calabria Skyway
Calabrina Skyway
is a skyway accessible by going through the Stormgate from MooShu. It is the second skyway in Valencia that the player may visit after completing Aquila. It is currentley free of much of the destruction of Valencia that the Armada has caused, unlike Aragon Skyway.

Connects ToEdit

Places of InterestEdit

  • Brabanzio Villa
  • Florenza Dock
  • Lucci Villa
  • Stormgate (Valencia to Aquila)
  • Stormgate (Valencia to MooShu)
  • The Clock Works Dock

Enemy ShipsEdit

  • Valencian Brigands
  • Armada ships
  • Ophidian Ships


  • No NPCs are reported here.


  • There is a Stormgate to Polaris in this skyway, it is currently inaccessible; however, It will have a minimum level of most likely 70 after Valencia Part 2.
  • There is also a Stormgate that leads to Marleybone. It is unknown if we will ever use this Stormgate. However, it is a possibility that this Stormgate would lead to Westminster Skyway, since The Armada went to Westminster Skyway in Marleybone because of the war that was happening.
  • Calabria Skyway is the only known skyway in Valencia to have sky Creatures, as Aragon Skyway lacks them entirely.

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