Boot Hill is a location in Cool Ranch and is visited in Pirate101. Home to many of the deceased in Cool Ranch, Boot Hill is most famous for being the home of the De La Vega Family Crypt.


When the dungeon begins, the path is rather straightforward- walk up the hill to the very top. You'll come across a meeting between English Bill and Deacon! Realizing his "gambit is thwarted", Deacon runs away, leaving you to face English Bill and his cronies. This time, however, the fight will go much better than last time- the Silver Bullets you acquired will turn the tables in your favor.

Showdown at Boot HillEdit

Note: This is an Epic Battle- you can choose who you want to fight alongside you. However, you also receive an ally in the form of the Free Ranger.

Before you can cause any actual harm to the Duck of Death, you must interact with one of the Holy Fountains laying around the area. Once you do, you can harm English Bill- use your finest attacks for him. However, do not forget that his Lagoonies will still cause harm to you; thankfully, they can be harmed without any aid from the Holy Fountains. Apart from that, the battle is simple- destroy all enemies and the dungeon moves on.

After beating the Duck of Death, the Free Ranger goes to see if Tonka is okay while English Bill retreats to his ship. Using the nearby jollyboat, follow him! It's then that the final battle for this dungeon occurs.

Death to the Duck of DeathEdit

English Bill expected that you'd be following him- now he plans to trap and kill you! Thankfully, the wounds from the last battle mean that the Holy Fountains' effect carries on. However, the Duck of Death has no intent of going easy! In this fight, you must do two things:

  1. Defeat the Duck of Death (for real this time!)
  2. Detonate the Powder Kegs on the ship

Of course, plenty of enemies defend the ship and will fight to the bitter end to ensure that you don't win. As before, save your good attacks for English Bill; his minions can be felled much more easily. If you're a Musketeer or Witchdoctor, then destroying the powder kegs will be easy; if not, you'll need to get close- don't forget to stay healthy in case you lose too much health. Once the powder kegs have been blown and the Duck of Death is beaten, then the dungeon is over- you can move on!


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