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is a famous pirate and a legend of skyways. Boochbeard has done everything - except succeed. Nobody knows precisely where he came from, and nobody ever recalls a time when he was young: as long as Buccaneers and Privateers have prowled the skies, Boochbeard has been there, always one scheme away from riches undreamed of. Boochbeard is at once the luckiest and unluckiest Pirate alive - ever thwarted, yet always surviving. He has an uncanny talent for being around for important events. Mr. Gandry is his good friend.


Boochbeard was originally used in the story as a pirate who rescues The Player and Starter Companion from The Erebus. Later on, he just gives you tips (despite the fact that he and Mr. Gandry do make a cameo appearance at the fight against Tyson in Cool Ranch, and also during Catbeard's trial in Marleybone).


Boochbeard has many nicknames: The Flying Sloth in MooShu, Old Whitebeard in Marleybone, El Boocho in Santo Pollo, and simply Boochbeard on his ship and in Skull Island.

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