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Location: Skull Mountain, by the first small pond in the fort as soon as you first enter.

Quests Given:Edit

This companion can be rewarded by completing the quest, "Troggy Trouble".

Skills, Abilities And EpicsEdit


  • Offensive - (1) Bonnie Anne hones the "Scatterblast" ability, which is much similar to an abilities Musketeers are able to learn. "Scatterblast" allows Bonnie to shoot a group of enemies simultaneously. While also lowering their dodge by 25%
  • Defensive - (1) Bonnie Anne hones the "Second Wind" ability, able to heal friendly from an infinite range. Her healing ability is similar to that of Privateer's Rouse.


Like all companion, Bonnie Anne is able to have Musketeer Class based Epics picked out for her such as:

  • Double Tap (Starting) - allows Bonnie to fire at another enemy; should she defeat or gain a critical on an enemy in a round.
  • Quick Draw - allows Bonnie to fire first before only musketeer enemy in a round. Not recommended
  • Overwatch - allows Bonnie to fire at approaching enemies.
  • Burst Fire - allows Bonnie to fire twice at the same enemy she attacked. Highly recommended
  • Return Fire - should Bonnie dodge a musketeer class based enemy, she will be able to fire at her enemy that attempted to fire at her. Not recommended due to musketeers high accuracy and Bonnie's relatively low dodge.


Bonnie Anne can be promoted into the following characters:

  • (FIRST) = Fox Sharpshooter (Level: 8)
  • (SECOND) = Fox Sniper (Level: 31)
  • (THIRD/FINAL) = Fox Highlander (Level: 57)

NOTE: For full details on particular quests that promote Bonnie Anne, click/tap the links to take you to Bonnie Anne's "Companion Promotion" quests.

First Promotion: (Fox Sharpshooter)===

Second Promotion: (Fox Sniper)Edit

Catbeard: (At Catspaw) Meow Meow Meow, look what we have here! Captain, you're back! To what do I owe the pleasure. Oh, M sent you, did he? Ooooo, that means our lovely Bonnie Anne must be the in tended ''Sniper ! Smashing! I'm afraid I have bad news- I don't have the scope. It's not my fault! Everytime we try to go collect it, the Armada is waiting to pounce. The Scope should waiting somewhere in Puerto Mico, with Diego Lancion, the importer. Say, I bet you could get it- you always were the sneaky type...

Diego Lancion: (Puerto Mico) Catbeard sent you? I've been waiting! I'm eager to be rid of this... whatever it is.

Gomez: (Appears) Surrender or Perish! Attack! (After fight) You want to know who sent us? Spare us, and I'll tell you. It was the Clockworks- the Armada! They paid us to watch Lancion, and to capture whoever came for the Scope. That's all I know, please- be merciful!

Ratbeard: The Armada knows too much. We'd best get back to Fox quickly!

Lucius Fox: (Back at Lucius Fox's Workshop) Took you a while to come back- was there some problem? I'm sorry to hear about your troubles in Puerto Mico. It seems our good Mr. M isn't running as tight a ship as he thinks. Worrisome. Here, your Rifle is prepared- I've installed the Scope and a new, custom Revolving Action to it. You need Magnum Ammunition and some proper training on how to fire that thing. Look up my old friend Quigly, at Cooper's Roost.

Quigley: (At Cooper's Roost) So you're the Sniper-to-be, eh? You've got a steady hand and a keen eye. I figure you'll do fine. That's some weapon you got there... Time to get some proper bullets for it. A crate of Magnum Bullets went astray a while back- they'd serve quite nicely. Word is some Red Sash smugglers hid the ammo in the caves near Gold Creek, then got run off by some nasty critters. That ammunition crate should still be there. We'll talk again when you come back with it.

Bonnie Anne: (At Critter Cave) There's the Crate. Look at the size of those bugs! Figures this won't be easy...

Ratbeard: (After bug fight) Enough of this bug hunting! Get yer ammunition and let's be done with this place!

Bonnie Anne: (After retrieving ammunition) I've got my bullets- let's get back to Quigley.

Quigley: (After retrieved ammunition is taken) Before you go use your new rifle, I want to give you some advice.You gun won't kick like a flintlock- it's a whole different beast. Look out. Now head back to Mr. M - Time you get back to work.

Mycroft Bones: (At Universal Exports) All set with that rifle? Excellent, you're just in time. Calico Jake tells me his rendezvous is coming in the very near future. They're meeting at Monte Royale, the old ruined castle. Go at once and meet Jake there- he has all the particulars of the assassination.

Calico Jake: (Monte Royale) Annie girl, you made it! Well done. Now you and your Captain can hide in the high tower there.. I'll treat with Rooke on- What's that?

Deacon: (Appears) Stop! My little fox hunt is over. You've escaped me once, Pirate, but you're all going back in chains. Block the exits! Take them!

Calico Jake: (During the fight) There's too many of them! Get out of here, I'll hold them off!

Bonnie Anne: (After Calico Jake gives the order) Let's get back out to the docks, QUICK!

Mycroft Bones: (At Universal Exports) The whole operation was a trap? Someone must have betrayed Jake.
  • Bonnie Anne - Fox Musketeer
  • Bonnie Anne - Fox Musketeer to Bonnie Anne - Fox Sharpshooter
  • Finally, Bonnie Anne - Fox Sharpshooter to Bonnie Anne - Fox Sniper
  • Bonnie Anne ( Fox Highlander )
Most unsettling - these clockworks are far cleverer than they look. A fox hunt. eh? The faceless devils were using us to get to you, Anne! Or were you their real target, Captain? I don't envy you at all. Well, it seems I have a traitor to find. 'Your unofficial service to the Crown is hereby ended. Take this token of the Queen's thanks. Good Luck, Bonnie Anne- may you and your Captain have great success against the Armada.

Bonnie Anne: Tell Calico Jake I was happy to work with him again. Now Cap'n, what say we head back to a tavern and celebrate? (At Tavern) What a circus that was! Pity we didn't get to fight Rooke, but at least they let me keep this wondrous weapon. Now that I'm a full-fledged Sniper, I'd say it's time to put this rifle to some good use! Lead on, Captain!

Third PromotionEdit

Rewarded by: V is for Vulpine

Not much is known about this promotion rather then it is level 57 and that it takes place in Marleybone. She becomes a Fox Highlander and gets Stock Assault. During the promotion, some of Bonnie Anne's past is revealed and she has to cross paths with two of her relatives, Molly Anne and Guy Fo

Picture 2012-10-27 19-14-30
Bonnie Anne is both an NPC and a Companion

Bonnie Anne is a companion recruited after completing "Troggy Trouble". She is the second companion recruited after your Starter Companion (Kan Po, Wing Chun, SubodaiKobe YojimboEgg Shen) and is available to all classes. She is also the first musketeer class based companion to be recruited.

Appearances At Different PromotionsEdit

Bonnie Anne - Fox Musketeer = Equips a Sparquebus Musket. Also wears brown boots and a brown bandana. She will also equip a scarf. (Certain types of clothing change color depending on your character's flag
  • Color Changes depending on Bonnie Anne's Captain's colors (flag, clothes, etc.)
  • Always Changing...
, clothes, etc.)

Bonnie Anne - Fox Sharpshooter = Equips the Scaramanga Musket, and adds a black vest with gold edges, and a new brown hat. (Similar to golf club hats)

Bonnie Anne - Fox Sniper = Equips Sniper Musket, changes golf club hat to a black bowler hat, and an overcoat. Bonnie will also wear new gloves.

Bonnie Anne - Fox Highlander = The black bowler hat is replaced with a hat with a feather on it.

thumb|350px|Bonnie Anne in sharpshooter

Bonnie Anne Artwork

Bonnie Anne -Fox Musketeer Artwork

Quest AppearanceEdit


In Bonnie's past, she had apparently worked as a pirate alongside old shipmate, Reedy Mary. She was also part of Calico Jake's crew, her first captain.


There are two known relatives of Bonnie Anne with them being:

Bonnie Anne - Fox Musketeer It's Time to PARRRRTY! invitation

Bonnie Anne Pirate101 Invitation


Bonnie Anne appears in a Valentines card and a birthday card.

Personality Edit

Bonnie Anne seems to be a kind, strong and down - to - business type girl. She isn't needy at all and seems very adventurous and optimistic. She seems to be a tiny bit quirky and relatable. The is tough, taunting her enemies during, before and after battle.


Bonnie Anne is based on a famous pirate Anne Bonnie.

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