Blood Shoals
Blood Shoals 
is a location in Pirate101. In fact, Blood Shoals is one of the first areas of Skull Island (besides the main part of Skull Island) that the player visits. A relatively small village situated uncomfortably near a massive pile of sharp, blood-colored rocks (hence the town's name), Blood Shoals is a place for retired pirates, criminal scum and (on the rare occassion) families who are so poor that they've nowhere else to go.


Blood Shoals doesn't seem to have much of a history behind it.

However, by the events of Pirate101, the place becomes a veritable source of activity. The player goes to Blood Shoals to track down Ratbeard, who had stolen Gunn's Will. Unfortunately, the player arrives too late to catch him; worsening matters is the fact that Ratbeard apparently poisoned his entire crew! Their ghosts are stuck in the mortal world, forever trapped until their unfinished business has been repaid (as explained by Lasko, the leader of the dead rats).

Following the finishing of the rats' unfinished deeds, the player is directed to Jonah Town before Lasko passes on into the afterlife.


  1. Lasko- The leader of the Ghost Rats, Lasko begs the player to grant his soul rest by killing Ratbeard, claiming Gunn's gold and aiding his fellow rats.
  2. Moe-
  3. Manny- A Wharf Rat with a gambling issue, Manny bet his love's locket in a game of dice and lost. Understandably, Nancy was upset. Manny tried to get the locket back, but failed horribly. As he is now dead, it falls to the player to fix the rat's mistake.
  4. Jack-
  5. Uncle Scuttles- A former sailor, Scuttles has long since retired from sailing and has taken up a career as a shipwright, fixing up damaged boats that happen to sail into Blood Shoals.
  6. Crimson Jake-
  7. Mother McCree-

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