The Bison are the indigenous species (or people, in some way) of Cool Ranch. A tribal group, they have long ruled over Cool Ranch, living in harmony with the Animal Spirits that exist throughout the world. However, the coming of the "Clawfeet" has some of them concerned that their homeworld will end up destroyed.


For as long as can be remembered, the Bison had a veritable monopoly on the Skyways of Cool Ranch. Though their lifestyle would seem primitive when compared with how other nations live, they didn't seem to mind.

The Bison's unchallenged rule of Cool Ranch came to an end with the coming of the Stallions (and later, the Birds). The Bison were uncertain as to what to make of these strange visitors, but they treated them with the respect that they deserved.

Bison TribesEdit

Big Sky Hunters- the largest Bison group, the Big Sky Hunters are the keepers of the Spirit Totems; because of this, it is up to them to teach the rest of the Bison the ways of the Animal Spirits. To facilitate this, there are many Bison Shaman in the tribe who know the ways of their ancestors.

Black Storm Raiders- the most violent of the Bison groups, the Black Storm Raiders wish to return things to how they were before the coming of the outsiders. However, this alone will not satisfy them; they instead plan to wipe out all other Bison tribes, taking Cool Ranch for themselves. They stand out easily against the sunny Skyways of Cool Ranch with their black fur.

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