is a massive Sky Station and a superweapon forged by the Armada with one, violent purpose- the complete obliteration of Marleybone City! It also served as a massive dungeon.


During the events of Pirate101, Beachhead was towed out into Westminster Skyway by the Armada. It was formidably armored, able to withstand the attacks of the entire Royal Navy without so much as a scratch. The station had four cannons- three auxilary batteries (one for each spoke it possessed) and a fourth main cannon placed on top. One of the spokes, however, is not armed for combat- in fact, it serves as a temporary laboratory for Bishop, "Kane's mad tinkerer". Also, Beachhead is used to refit and repair Armada ships, making it the perfect mobile fortress.

By the time the player reaches Marleybone, Beachhead is dangerously close to reaching completion; once operational, it will be able to bombard all of Marleybone into submission. In order to become a member of the Marleybone Navy, the player must deal with a few missions- the first being to destroy Beachhead! Naturally, Ratbeard points out that a run on that thing is "a suicide mission"; while this is the case, the player has no choice but to obey.

With Gracie Conrad's help, the destruction of Beachhead rolls along smoothly, as Gelignite- a powerful explosive -is tossed into the auto-loading gun equipment and into the ammo stores beneath. However, the destruction of the main gun proved more difficult that expected. With special reinforcements of pure chromium steel to the gun shaft, no damage could be done... at least, not from the outside. However, there was a key flaw in the machine- the hydraulics had no pressure compensator, meaning that if someone could build up enough pressure, then the whole station would explode! Naturally, Bishop tried to stop the player at every turn, but, by presevering, the station was blown to pieces and Marleybone was saved from near disaster.


  • Beachhead is an obvious parody of the Death Star from Star Wars, going as far to copy everything about it- from the weaponry it possessed to the way it could be destroyed.
    • The player's first companion even says a parody of the famous line "That is no moon- it's a space station!"; however, they word it as "That is no spoon- it's a Sky Station!"

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