The Battle of Trafalgar is the final dungeon in Marleybone. It is fought in Trafalgar Vortex in Westminster Skyway.


Rooke, general of the Armada, was taking his fleet to the Isle of Fetch, where he would destroy Marleybone's last line of defense. However, unbeknownst to Rooke, the player had destroyed the Armada superweapon known as Beachhead and refortified the Isle of Fetch (along with demolishing the Armada presence formerly stationed there), thereby throwing the Armada's battle plans completely off the rails. Just to be sure that nothing else unexpected happened, Admiral Nelson of Her Majesties Royal Navy took his fleet to head off Rooke's. Their ensuing battle causes the ships of both Nelson (the HMS Victory) and Rooke (The Executioner) to collide. The player has five battles in this dungeon. The first is not too hard. The second has an objective of recuing Nelson's crew, who will fight with you as allies after being rescued. The third is against Armada Dragoons. The fourth is the boss fight with Rooke and some of his fellow clockworks. The objectives are to defeat Rooke and protect Nelson. Along with the player(s), three redcoats, two redcoat officers, and Admiral Nelson fight in the battle as allies. The fifth and final battle is again against Rooke, but the objective is to defeat all enemies.


• This battle is based after the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, in which Admiral lord Horatio Nelson of the Royal Navy led his fleet from his flagship, the HMS Victory. Nelson won the battle against the allied Spanish-Franco Fleet.

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