Avernus Skyway, also known as Dragonspyre skyway, is the only skyway accessible and known in Dragonspyre. However, it is full of bone drakes, giant tornadoes, and hurling debris. Only the most brave, or foolish ship captain would make the choice to enter this skyway and face its doom. It only has two uses for the game, and that is traveling to Valencia, and for Old Scratch's second promotion.
(Map) Avernus Skyway


Connects ToEdit

  • Stormgate (Dragonspyre to Monquista)
  • Stormgate (Dragonspyre to Valencia)
  • Stormgate (Dragonspyre to Wysteria)

Places of InterestEdit

  • Stormgate (Dragonspyre to Monquista)
  • Stormgate (Dragonspyre to Valencia)


Enemy shipsEdit

  • No Enemy Ships are reported here


  • No NPCs are reported here

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