Ancient ruins

The Ancient Ruins are a ruins in the backlot of the Gold Mine. It hold's the entrance to the Gold Monkey , where Gortez's Kingdom is. 

History of RuinsEdit

The Ancient Ruins have many signs of Aztecan architecture. It is unknown whether the Aztecosaurs ever ruled the Gold Mine, or even entered the Tradewinds Skyway.

Additionally, the Ancient Ruins have similiar building structures to Xol Akmul, relating the two locations to a distinct Aztecan history.

By the events of Pirate101, this place has become a sign of serious concentration of Armada forces, as they are tunneling into the ruins, looking for something. Naturally, the only ones willing to face the clockworks are the Crazy Monquistadors populating the jungle.

Connects to Edit

  • The Dark Jungle
  • Plundered Tunnels
  • Valley of the Gold Monkey

NPCs Edit

  • Aguirre
  • Balboa
  • Hopper
  • Omba

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