Amber Hode
The Amber Horde 
is a large clan of Horse barbarians bent on pillaging and raiding the many inland villages of MooShu.

Known membersEdit

  • Subodai- A former member of the Amber Horde, Subodai is one of the starting companions that can be obtained during the training level. He is for Swashbucklers only.
  • Temujin- A crown companion, he is the same as Subodai, differing only in coloration.
  • Hunan- One of the Khans of the Amber Horde, Hunan is unrelenting in his campaign to rule the whole of MooShu. His spirit totem is the Sky Dragon; as such, he treats dragons with respect and punishes anyone who harms them. Though nobody else in the Amber Horde dares to admit this, they fear and hate Hunan, as his tactics often end with great losses in the Amber Horde's numbers. His current plan involves an attack on the Great Wall- a suicide mission!
  • Ogudai- The late father of Subodai, Ogudai was a mighty Khan, but was presumably slain during one of the Amber Horde's campaigns. Though dead, his spirit does return to guide his son in becoming a true warrior.


  • The Amber Horde is a parody of the Golden Horde, a noteworthy part of the Mongolian army during their conquest of Asia.

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