1. Objective #1: Defeat 3 Waponi Ships in Skull Island Skyway (0 of 3).

Quest DialogueEdit

Captain Ahab:  "My son Norville's not back yet - he went to Rapa Nui to sell the month's worth of fish and clams, you see. I expected him to be back while you were off finding Brody - it's not like Norville to be late. I'm very worried! We're just humble fisherfolk - if we don't get that money soon, we won't be able to pay our... eh... upkeep. Go to Rapa Nui and find Norville, and maybe I can help you find the Frogfather."

Trader Tahi: "Market is open again! You have goods? We will trade. Oh, you looking for someone? Norville? Ah, Fisherbird! Yes, I saw him. He was at last market, sold his fish, got his pay. Where did Fisherbird go? Did not see. He left when Rat Pirate caused all the confusion, and the Waponis came - much confusion."

Bonnie Anne"Rat Pirate? Ye don't think he means Ratbeard, do ye?" 

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