This is the first quest given to you right after completing/skipping the Tutorial

General InformationEdit


  1. Objective #1: Talk to Rigby in Avery's Court.
  2. Objective #2: Talk to Bonnie Anne in Skull Mountain

Quest DialogueEdit

Captain Avery: "On the run from the Armada, are you? Well, I run a pirate haven here, not a charity. If you want me to hide you, you'll have to work for it. One of more... willful crewmen, a Buccaneer named Fin , stole a Jade Amulet from me. I need it back! Fin fled to Skull Mountain, and roused the The Troggies - now they're bombarding us. Get my Amulet back. Report to Chief Rigby at the West Bastion. If you're to be a pirate, you'll need a ship . Do this right and I'll give you one. You have my word of honor. Do we have an accord?"

Chief Gunner Rigby: "Ahoy, there! Keep yer head down, unless ye're lookin' to be blown up! Blasted Troggies, they've gone mad, they have! You want to help? We need to stop this bombardment. Go find Bonnie Anne. She went across the bridge to teach the savages a less. You'll do more good there."

Bonnie Anne: " So who're you then?"

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